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Bathroom Remodeling

This is the year you transform your boring old bathroom into something spectacular! bathrooms and kitchen remodels are a investment not a expense. we bring value to all of your remodels by ensuring new look for a very long time with the most trending and conventional designs.

Benefits of Remodeling

If you’re not quite sure about going through with a bathroom renovation, there are some points you may like to consider.


Updated bathrooms raise your home’s resale value. When you invest in this project, you will get a return on investment equal to or better than what you put into it!


Even if you don’t want a modern look, modern features are guaranteed to make you enjoy your bathroom more, even if you didn’t expect to. Shower heads, faucets and even toilets have come a long way


New features and designs are exciting. Making your bathroom more attractive and comfortable will make it more enjoyable, not to mention the envy of all your friends.

Save money with heated floors!

Destroy that annoying heat bill with when you invest in heated floors. Our heated floors are very cost efficient and we have seen much success in saving our clients a ton of money in the long run. Our heat wire is electrical and we can get up to 225' of wire on a single thermostat with a total of 120 volts! "what's that mean?' a 225 ft wire will cover approximately 400 square feet of flooring and therefore heat a very large area with very little energy. We have seen decreases in our clients electrical bills by up too 80% and our continuously hearing more and more feedback. We just completed a 1200' tile floor in a beach home in October who says they have yet to even turn on there heat registers. they sent me a message that says" jon we love our floors and had no idea how much heat they actually put off, we are going to save a ton on our energy bills thank you" give us a call to discuss your next investment remodel of heated tile floors. Before jumping into a bathroom renovation and before even contacting us, start by budgeting. There are plenty great spots online to check out the different renos you would like to make in your bathroom and their approximate costs. Figure out how much you can spend, and what aspects of the renovation are most important to you. With a cost in mind, run free and get inspired!

Your Bathroom Experts

Give us a call or email us to start discussing your bathroom renovation. We’ll set up a meeting in your home, and provide you with a detailed, free estimate!