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Federal Way Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Federal Way Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Federal Way Tile and Terrazzo Installation

Located in Federal Way serving Seattle, Tacoma and Federal Way and surrounding areas

Superior Marble/Stone
Installation Service

Stone can make for highly luxury floor when installed properly, a uneven tiled floor or stone floor can be a huge disappointment specially when cleaning. your find that the grout joints will hold dirt and stain and chip quickly. Her at Atabelos tile we have come up with the best solution for every situation, and guarantee perfectly flat tile with are techniques used.

Why is Grout so Important?

Grout is key to to finishing off a perfectly installed tile floor. certain grouts will stain and crumble in time making your new tile floors look old right after having them installed. A uneven tile floor is also something that can cause alot of hassle.

At Atabelo's Tile And Stone LLC, we always use the most innovated materials and we don't cut corners when it comes to grout. We always suggest a superior epoxy grouts and polyurethanes, grout that wont crack or stain is so important to making a tile job look new forever

Fireplace Surround

Let’s be honest about it, a fireplace is one of the grandest and most important installations in your home. As such, it makes sense to surround it with such a regal stone like marble.